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Touch is a great healer and dogs know this.  Stroking a dog can be therapeutic for people it is also beneficial to the dog.  Shiatsu is a gentle touch therapy that can help to imporve circulation - injuries may heal faster because of improved circulation.  Shiatsu helps dogs to become more aware of their bodies and so become relaxed and calmer.

  • pressure point work - to release stuck energy (ki)
  • gentle stretching and manipulating as required to relieve pain

This is our dog Su Kee enjoying space and time just for her to relax. 

At home I provide sessions for your dog lasting 30 - 45 minutes I allow 60 minutes for each session to give time for the dog to settle and for you to tell me about your canine pal.

Latest news
New practitioners will soon be working in the south of England keep watching this space for more information.