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The word Shiatsu literally means finger pressure - shi (finger) atsu (pressure).

Shiatsu is a health keeping art, a product of 4,000 years of Oriental medicine, therapy and philosophy.  It is based on the ancient principle of acupuncture - without needles. In Shiatsu we work mainly with our hands. 

Shiatsu is a holistic therapy taking into account the whole person or dog - what is happening in their life, work, play and how the environment they are in impacts how they are.  The main focus of attention is how to maintain harmony within the body and with the outside world.

How often have you felt or said 'my energy is low today' or 'I feel as though I have no energy'?  a shiatsu treatment is about restoring the energy balance, helping to promote a feeling of well being.

Shiatsu is a relaxing touch therapy - non invasive, carried out through clothing. 

I also provide on-site Shiatsu which are shorter sessions on a massage chair  where I work on your back, head, neck  and shoulders.  This is also very relaxing as the chair gives you full support allowing you to forget the cares of the day.  These session last 20 - 30 minutes I allow 45 minutes just for you to relax.