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The Ki9 Connection Practitioner course starting in February 2018 will be held at my address in St. Andrew.


3/4 Feb; 3/4 Mar; 31 Mar/1 Apr; 12/13 May; 9/10 June; 30Jun/1 JUL

If you are interested in the course and would like to book you place please contact me before the deadline of 30 NOVEMBER 2017. 

Ki9 Connection - shiatsu for dogs.
A gentle holistic therapy

Ki9 Connection improves your connection with your dog helping you to become aware of your dog's body and any changes can be identified in an early stage.  It also raises body awareness inn the dog developing a great connection between dog and owner.

Shiatsu touch uses gentle firm touch to release fascia and relax muscles also uses assisted stretches of joints to allow synovial fluid to flow freely.  The touch and relaxation of the soft tissue allows the dog's body to release endorphins, the body's own pain relief that also creates feelings of wellbeing and assists the healing process.

Ki9 Connection is a complementary therapy working with conventional treatments and is not a substitute for veterinary advice.  It does support the dog's physical and emotional wellbeing, brings relief to arthritic joints and muscle tension.  It helps our older dogs by improving those stiff joints and for our youg dogs helping them to cope with the active lives they lead.

Connection is the 'key' we work with dogs never restrain or muzzle them
it is based on ancient theories and practices of Chinese Medicine
It is gentle, non-invasive always being aware of the dogs - connected

This course is two days - one weekend
It gives you an insight into shiatsu touch and theory behind it plus practical work on your own dog.
This workshop is run on a one to one basis dates to suit myself and the owner.

For further information, costs, dates etc. about this workshop please contact me details on contact Jean page.

This course could be for you if you are a canine practitioner working in other disciplines.
Or if you have a desire to work with dogs and are comfortable in their company

This course builds on the foundation weekend with the addition of more detailed anatomy and physiology plus related pathology, dog body language and behaviour.

What will you learn about?

  • 5 element theory one of the foundations of Chinese Medicine this theory helps us to understand the connections between our body, the environment, how we feel and the food we eat.
  • Shiatsu touch using a variety of techniques including gentle stretches and joint openings
  • Meridian pathways, points along meridians their anatomical locations and uses.
  • Relative canine anatomy, physiology and pathology.
  • Health and safety working with dogs, relative legislation, assessing and connecting with the client (owner) and patient (dog).

The course is based around the 5 element theory each weekend will concentrate on one element with all the work connected and relative to it.
5 elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.  Find out more about this amazing theory and how it connects many things in life- plus how shiatsu touch this can help maintain the health of our dogs supporting the work of conventional veterinary treatment and medicine.

For further information about the course, and a booking form please contact me see details on contact Jean page or you can access them on our Association website www.canineshiatsu.org

Prior learning with production of relative certificates will be taken into consideration and the course adjusted to meet the needs of individual students or groups.

This course is now incorporated into the Ki9 Connection course the slant for teaching depends on whether you have a Shiatsu background or are a canine specialist in another field.  Contact Jean for further information see contact Jean page.

Who is this course for?
Shiatsu practitioners, MRSS, Graduates or students who have completed minimum of one year of a registered Shiatsu course and want to work with dogs, plus experience of owning or working with dogs. This course is also suitable for Equine Shiatsu Practitioners.

For further information about this  course please contact me and I will be pleased to send you the information.