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I have a beautiful room set aside for Shiatsu where I have created a peaceful space condusive to relaxation.  With gentle touch mainly using thumbs and fingers I work along a system of meridians or energy lines.  I look for areas of heat or cold then apply gentle pressure to acupoints to release stuck energy (ki) plus gentle stretching and rotation of joints to allow free flow of circulation and energy.

Shiatsu traditionally is carried out on a futon at floor level, however, since a knee injury a few years ago I now provide Shiatsu on a massage table or chair depending on your needs.

When making an appointment allow at least one hour before or after a meal.

For your own comfort wear loose comfortable clothing, such as a track suit.

A session may last between 40 and 60 minutes - the first session may be slightly longer to allow me to learn a little about you and for you to find out about Shiatsu.

I allow 90 minutes for each session so you will not feel rushed when you come in and following your session. 

If you have any questions, or to book a session see the contact Jean page for details.